Q: I’d like to drive the bulldozers, backhoes, ect. Legally, for medical reasons, I cannot get a CDL. Do I need a CDL to drive these things? If not, will not having a CDL be a problem for me in any way?

A. As I understand, you do not need a CDL to operate this equipment, provided it is off the road.
However, if you are required to transport this equipment to & from the job site, then you do indeed need a CDL.
Do you have to graduate high school to become a heavy equipment operator?
Q: I want to operate a forklift or bulldozer or something like that. If I have a GED can I drive a forklift? please provide details

A. To drive a forklift, you need to be eighteen and be trained by your employer on the hazards and techniques of operating in your workplace. You do not need any additional certification or training beyond that.

The OSHA Forklift Page is here: http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/poweredindustrialtrucks/standards.html.

Some companies also have training programs you can buy for your employer to use. This one has a forklift training program. http://www.affordablesafetytraining.com/

What is the best method of vandalizing a bulldozer?
Q: There is a twenty acre woods being bulldozed for farmland in my neighborhood. I’d like to make the dozer inoperable. I don’t want to make it immediately noticable. Something like salt in the diesel fuel or something like that. Something that will take a day or so to ruin the motor.

A. Your picking on the wrong guy – the bulldozer operator is not the person responsible for development. The people who are responsible are the local government that issued a permit for the development, and the developer that is paying for the development. Messing up the bulldozer doesn’t have any effect on the people that are behind the development. Pick on those responsible instead – write letters to the newspaper, picket the office of the developer, get a bunch of neighbors together and complain to your city or county government.

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