Q: I can’t watch certain videos on Youtube because they’ve been blocked from my country (due to copyright ownership or something). I try to download the videos on Keepvid but when I paste the URL nothing comes up. Does anyone know how I can download them?

A. You’d need to use a private VPN.
How do I fix a problem on my Youtube player?
Q: Sometimes when i watch a video on youtube, it plays and then suddenly stops. at the bottom it says 0:00 and the progress bar is not even light red colored. Other times, it stops loading, but the player seems as if it is buffering.

A. If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loading
or buffering, B) that "spinning circle" looking like it
will keep on "spinning" forever, C) "choppy" videos
that start/stop/start/stop frequently, or D) vids that
sometimes come to a complete stop; your "cache"
sometimes come to a complete stop, maybe your
cache/memory is full and thus can’t take anymore.

Exit out of YouTube (but not your browser) and do
one of the steps below. Afterwards, shutdown and
reboot. Not only will this "free up" your computer’s
memory, everything will be "fresh", and load faster:

Internet Explorer 6:
â Tools â Internet Options
â Delete Cookies â OK
â Delete Files â OK
â Clear History â Yes
â OK

Internet Explorer 7:
â Tools â Internet Options â Delete…
â Delete files â Yes
â Delete cookies â OK
â Delete history â OK
â Close (browsing history window)
â OK

Internet Explorer 8:
â Tools â Delete Browsing History
[. ] Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
[x] Temporary Internet files
[x] Cookies
[x] History
â Delete

Mozilla Firefox 3:
â Tools â Clear Private Data
[x] Browsing History
[x] Download History
[x] Saved Form and Search History
[x] Cache
[x] Cookies
â Clear Private Data Now

Mozilla Firefox 3.5:
â Tools â Clear Recent History
Time range to clear: â Everything
â¼ Details
[x] Browsing & Download History
[x] Saved Form and Search History
[x] Cookies
[x] Cache
â Clear Now

Apple Safari 3:
â Edit â Preferences
â Security (tab) â Show Cookies
â Remove All â Done
after that:
â Safari â Empty Cache â Empty
after that:
â History â Clear History

Google Chrome:
â Tools (wrench) â Clear browsing data…
[x] Clear browsing history
[x] Clear download history
[x] Empty the cache
[x] Delete cookies
Clear data from this period: â Everything
â Clear Browsing Data


If you have other applications which are running at
the same time (such as "Torrents"), they will slow
down YouTube also, so you may want to consider
uninstalling those Torrents altogether.

How to watch private youtube videos?
Q: I watched a livestream of a concert on youtube in 2011, and I’d love to be able to re-watch it, but they’ve made the video private. It’s nothing personal etc, the video url is watch?v=Az_13d5ss7U#at=16313.
I know youtube’s security is pretty tight, but is there anyway for me to watch this? I don’t mind have to download it or anything, I’d just love to be able to see the concert again!

A. Unfortunately not, unless the uploader makes the video public again. You could try messaging the uploader about making it public, or making the video unlisted – then giving you the new link.

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