Q: in other words, if the actual temp. is -5, how do they calculate that it feels like -11?

A. Its actually a fairly complicated equation, but to put it simply, the factor the wind speed and temperature to get wind chill. For details on the equation, check out the link below.
I have an assignment where I needed to examine warm and cold fronts on a map?
Q: I need a map showing about a week of the weather with the warm and cold fronts. I didn’t know I was supposed to be checking the map daily. Please help, I’d really appreciate it and I’ll give you the best answer 5 star right away if someone can help.

A. The ‘fronts’ (High, Lo, Storm, Trough, Warm, Cold) ‘make’ the weather….As such in the modern day they are usually only put on tv/ internet for 1 day at a time….so the media of weather forecasters/ meteorologists…can ‘magically’ predict the soon to be weather before anyone else, from just looking at the satellite data of these ‘fronts’.
To see the fronts for yourself for several days try….
I notice your probably Canadian…..so…go right to….google…
Put in these words….’weather fronts north america’….
Click on the 1st entry….NOAA’s National weather service…….
You’ll get a satellite map of North America with fronts, scroll down to several days before.
What would happen if the weather never changed?
Q: It doesn’t matter.
It could be sunny all the time, snowy all the time, rainy all the time.
List some things that would happen to the environment.

A. Well, it would make my job as a weather forecaster easy.

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