Q: I just applied to walmart, bestbuy, and harris teeter using their online applications. How long does it take for them to contact me about a job. I’m 18, I have zero job experience and I need to start working immediately to make money to pay my college bills or else I can not go to college next semester.

What would be the quickest and most guaranteed way to get a job anywhere and start working immediately?

A. usually those companies have an automotive response email that they send to every applicant. It all depends on your score you should learn how to fill out those registration forms online because what recruiters do is they receive 100 or evens thousands of resume and its hard for them to go over each one so they build a system or registration form that chooses the ones with highest score depending on the job your applying for. The best thing to do is to be specific with you objective. You should read the job description and put skills that match the job description. for example cashier must have good customer service skills, able to handle conflicts, reliable with money and stuff like, tell the recruiter what they want to hear or what they are looking for its common sense even if you are looking for any job its always good to be specific.

another thing i can recommend you is if you really really need a job asap google employment agencies in your area, they usually hire on the spot you just have to register with a few., that i would say is the fastest way to find a quick job you can still apply to companies like wallmart and stuff but your are going to have to wait, so id say apply to through the agency and if you get a call from the rest go to the interview.

another thing you can do is just walk into those companies you applied to and make sure you dress your best, business casual and ask to speak with the HIRING MANAGER, tell him or her you applied online but you always wanted to apply in person, don’t sound desperate but sound like you really want to work for them and.make sure you do something to stand out from the crowd. there are so many ways to get a job you should search online ways to prepare yourself for interviews or maybe its your resume that needs some help, either way, id say get professional help when it comes to resumes and cover letters and interview tips.

btw you dont need nothing of that for agencies they hire anyone but you have to work in warehouse if you dont have no work experience maybe youll have to do some packaging and stuff.

anyways i cant write forever lol, hope this helped.

How do get a job to be interested in hiring you?
Q: Im 16 ive applied for about 4 jobs and they never call you back, ive called safeway twice and they asked for my number but havnt called.what is a job that is easy to get hired cause im tired of putting in applications and calling if im never gonna get any feedback.summer is almost halfway over and i still dont have a job so im willing to work any job if anybody has any suggestions.except for mcdonalds or any fast food.

A. If you’ve only applied for four jobs and are already frustrated get ready for a really hard life.

At 16 it’s not easy to get hired for anything, the summer job market gets flooded with high schoolers and many of them are flakes so you need to make yourself stand out.

Nobody is going to hire a 16 year old over the phone. Go to the business, be clean, neat and groomed, preferably clean cut. Go at a time that the business is not busy, for instance, don’t go into a fast food restaraunt during the lunch hour. Politely request to fill out an application for employment, if they say they aren’t hiring, politely thank them for their time and leave – they might be hiring next week. If they give you an application fill it out completely and neatly with one of the two pens that you have brought with you (two, just in case) from the sample application you have downloaded and completed (so you have all the information in front of you). On your application list any work experience or volunteer experience that you have and leave good references, even if they are only personal references.

Do this at as many places as possible, don’t be picky about your first couple jobs, you need some experience to show on your resume/applications as you get older. If anyone offers you a job that you can do, take it.

My niece had her first summer job at McDonalds last summer, then worked for them evenings after school after the summer. Early this year she applied as a bagger at Safeway and was hired, her plan is to work her way to cashier. She’s 17.

I used to do the hiring for a really large company, if you do what I have outlined above, you will get a job. Keep at it, don’t let yourself get frustrated or discouraged, just keep working on it and it will happen for you. View the jobs you don’t get as learning experiences, and try to use those experiences to hone your presentation skills for the next job.

Oh, and very important – DO NOT, NOT EVER, lie on an application or resume.

Who do I contact to report discrimination in the workplace due to age?
Q: My father is 67 years old and situations have arose that he has the financial need to come out of retirement and go back to work. He was a state librarian all of his life until he retired. For an entire year he has been applying for job after job and rarely even been called back for an interview. When he does get an interview, they take one look at his age, and it never goes any further. He has put in over 200 job applications in the last year and has even been turned away from jobs such as gas station cashier. This is not a man with no education or job skills. Like I said, he was a state librarian for more than 20 years, maybe closer to 30. He was turned away from a position as a library clerk at his local library. I need someone official to explain to me how this is fair. He served during Vietnam so that we all could have certain rights as Americans. And now one of those rights he fought for? He has had it violated over and over for a year. I am sure someone in a position to do something would like to know about this. But who?

A. Everyone is having trouble finding a job right now. Your dad needs to focus the wording on his resume/applications on skills that are relevant to the position for which he is applying. The official reason for turning him away for cashier and library clerk is that he is "over-qualified." He should also be writing cover letters that help to explain that he will in fact be happy in a job far below his skill level…"retired, but found I missed the day to day interaction with people…" or whatever. Another problem older workers have is weak computer skills. As a bare minimum, workers are expected to be proficient with e-mail, internet, Word, and Excel. Many older workers, if they do in fact use e-mail, do not even know how to attach their resume to a message. If this is the case, encourage your Dad to take some computer classes. Also encourage him to read up on interview skills and tips. The job search strategy has really changed in the last 30 years.

EEOC is hopelessly backlogged, and will take about 3 years to handle your case. Large companies have their own internal EEO complaint process, so if there is a particular position that you truly believe he was denied because of his age, HE (not you) could complain to them.

But really, until he has done everything possible to make himself marketable and competitive, there is little room to complain.

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