Q: Well, I was thinking about getting a career on the news of being a tv news anchor. But, I need to know how much I would get paid a week…

P.S I live in Australia

A. First off – you don’t walk in and get a job as a news anchor. Uusually you start by being an intern at the station. Low pay – maybe no pay. Then a reporter. Then maybe an anchor. Probably not.

There aren’t many anchor jobs available. And those that have them don’t give them up that easily.

How hard is it to switch between News Reporter/Anchor to TV host?
Q: Both are my dream jobs,
but I’m aware that it is extremely hard to achieve either.

I do not want to move to Las Angeles lol, so I’ve decided to first secure a job as a news reporter and then work up to the job of anchor

Let’s say that I audition to be the Host of a TV show during the a vacation, get the part, and quit my job as anchor to host the show;
After the show is canceled or ended, how difficult will it be to get a job as a news anchor again?

A. OK- Your question is all over the place.

You don’t need to move to LA to to become a reporter and/or an anchor. There are literally thousands of stations in the US where you can climb the broadcast ladder and still make a good living (I know of anchors in medium sized towns making well into six figures).

But, I think you are somewhat innocent when it comes to the career. First, you will have hundreds of competitors for every on-air opening. Next, you can’ simply go on vacation, audition and quit. You WILL be under contract and they will not let you go. As anchor, a station invests huge money in promoting you, dressing you, sending you places, etc., and they won’t just cut you loose because you got a better job.

Finally, let’s count the number of news people who are or were hosts of anything other than a news show. I can think of one- Jerry Springer. He was an anchor in Cincinnati in the 70′s. Otherwise, that’s all.

Yes, it’s hard to achieve either. Yes, you may be the exception. But go into this with a plan should it not work out the way you like.

What do news anchors do while not reporting the news on TV?
Q: Most news anchors come on TV from 1-3 hours. What do they do the rest of their work day?

A. That depends on where the anchors work and what type of broadcast they work on.
They make phone calls, set up interviews, get out in the field and meet people in various places to get the news and the stories they need.
News anchors, especially at local news stations, will write the scripts, edit their own stories (perhaps with help from a producer or other staffer) and have it ready for the newscast.

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