Q: I see my nail tech every 2 weeks faithfully. I see my stylist every 3 weeks for a wax and every 8 weeks for highlights and cut. I always tip at least 15-20%. I was thinking $20 and a small gift. I know they would both appreciate the cash more than a gift card. Anyone have a more creative or better idea?

A. Cash, cash and more cash. Your stylist and nail tech are working to support themselves and their families and live off of tips. Give them an extra 15% over what you would normally tip and a thank you card. They will appreciate you and will go out of their way to do an extra special job on your nails and hair. Trust. Both my sister and my neice do hair and nails and they need the money.
What is the fastest way to earn my nail tech license, so I can open up my own salon???
Q: I am planning on opening up my own salon soon. I know I need my nail tech license. Every class I found is like a year long. Is there a faster way that I can get my license?? Thanks for help!!

A. Really?…A year long?..that’s weird, All the Nail tech courses I know(in Cosmetology School.) take only a few months(or weeks.) to complete…Are you sure?, Cause Nail techs is a shorter course then cosmetology(which only takes less then a year.)…
Even on this website, They tell you that Nail tech course can take only 200-600 hours, and that includes Classes, and hands on…
Look up this website, and find a Cosmetology(which also offers nail tech.) school in your area…maybe your looking at something completely different(Justa guest.) http://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/find/form.php
What should I know before investing in nail tech training?
Q: I think I could do well as a nail tech. I am wondering if they generally work as sole proprietors or if there are opportunities as an employee?

A. You’re talking about working as a nail technician in a beauty parlour, right?

Generally nail technicians work in their own boutique as sole traders – they may match up with other beauty specialists in other areas (hair, make-up, etc) and share a rented space offering the full treatment to clients.

It may be possible that the company training you will take you on as a worker for a period at a franchise (so you can gain experience in the field) – or they may offer you the franchise – but you would be responsible for making that work.

If we assume that you have already gone through the training regimen, you would need to build experience in your craft, and through that you would gather enough regular customers to make a go of running your own salon as mentioned above.

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