Q: With all this news of the Government shutting down I was wondering how the shutdown would affect border patrol. I know that border patrol would completely stop since it’s a security issue. But would it be reduced or increased? Or would it be affected at all?
Also how would the shut down affect immigration? Both those in the process of becoming an American citizen and those who are here illegally? The reason I ask this is because a good friend of mine is currently in the States illegally. He married an American citizen and they have a child together and he is currently in the process of gaining American citizenship. He knows as part of the process he has to return to his country (El Salvador) and re enter the states legally although he has been here for 10 years when he came with his parents. He is planning on returning to El Salvador within the next month but will the Government shutdown affect him leaving and re-entering the states? Will the process of him gaining citizenship be suspended or affected at all? I will choose best answer.
Also in response to those who assumed all illegals here are here for welfare. He is not here to get welfare nor is he on welfare. He has a job and he works 6 days a week. His parents brought him here to get him away from the violent situation in their country. One of the most dangerous gangs in the world is from there country. Their family is not doing anything wrong by being here. They have jobs so they do pay taxes because the taxes are taken out of their paychecks. I asked this question not for people to judge them but because if he cannot get his citizenship he will have to return to his country and leave his wife and child behind. So don’t act like you know their situation just answer the question please.

A. Tell your friend her illegal husband should NOT return to El Salvador by plane!!! While at the airport, his information may be "recorded" by either the security officials (if they stop him and take information) or by the airlines who may be required to provide this info to officials. It is very likely the flight back will be "recorded". I heard of a story already by someone who was near the 10 year mark for his father petitioning him to come to the US and lost it by taking the plane here. DON’T DO IT!!!

He should leave the U.S. by LAND in a similar fashion as how he came here. This avoids any ‘paper trail’ showing his presence in the US which will put the kabosh on getting residency.

He should be talking with people in the Salvadoran community to find someone who travels by land between the US and Mexico or the US and El Salvador/other country south of border. He can catch a ride with them and find a way to pass through immigration/customs and get to the other side without a paper trail.

This is the best way.

As for the "welfare" train – well, no one illegal cannot collect welfare. They can however, get free baby delivery in hospitals (as at least 3 of my illegal friends did ) and their child gets Medicaid. Overpopulation in Latin America is the primary reason why illegals are coming to the United States – too many people, sh*t economies, not enough jobs. My husband is one of 14 and they were unable to raise them all with good nurturing or education – 3 are illiterate – very sad. The church here discourages birth control (I live in El Salvador and saw it with my own eyes when a ‘brother’ on a local Catholic mission told the ladies not to take the pill. And I’ve only been to 6 masses here).

The same Republicans who do NOT want illegals in the U.S. also do NOT want funding for Family Planning sent to foreign countries. So which one do you want? Hordes of illegals coming across the border, or a bit of ‘distasteful’ Family Planning funding? Pick one!

Here’s a partial Solution to overpopulation worldwide: FREE BIRTH CONTROL FOR EVERYONE!!!

Thanks for listening, questioner, and heed my warnings about "by land" and not by plane.


What types of jobs can you get with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice?
Q: If a person majors in criminal justice, is that person preparing himself for a job in upper level law enforcement agencies (FBI, CIA, US Marshalls, Secret Service, etc)? Do some people with degrees in criminal justice get screwed over and have to become normal small town police officers? I’m majoring in criminal justice right now. I definitely do not want to be an ordinary police officer. My dream job would be to work for one of those top-tier law enforcement agencies that I listed. Is a criminal justice degree on target? Or should I consider something else?

A. A Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice can be used to get into both local and federal law enforcement. The FBI requires at least a degree and two or three years of relevant law enforcement experience to even apply. The CIA is not considered law enforcement–your chances of being hired there hinge largely on your foreign language and travel experience. A Bachelor’s degree (in any field) is the standard requirement to apply for any 1811 Criminal Investigator "Special Agent" position with agencies like the Secret Service, DEA, ATF, ICE, DSS, Marshall Service, etc. Many recent grads (especially outstanding scholars) are hired for those positions straight out of college. However, as competition is fierce, most 1811s usually did a few years in lower level Federal law enforcement positions like Park or Capitol Police Officer, Border Patrol Agent, CBP Officer, or Immigration Enforcement Agent, before getting picked up as a Special Agent. If your goal is to ultimately become a Special Agent in one of the agencies you listed then finish your degree with as high a GPA possible and then go to www.usajobs.gov to see what Federal law enforcement positions are hiring. If there are no open 1811 application drives (and chances are there will not be) then try to get onto one of the lower level law enforcement jobs I listed above. Any one of them would be a good stepping stone to a Special Agent position. And by the way many, if not most, Special Agents I have known had Criminal Justice degrees. So, no a CJ degree will not maroon you in local law enforcement.
What are the two major disputes about securing our border?
Q: I am writing a paper over illegal immigration and I can’t figure out the two major disputed issues over immigration. I am suppost to find two articles or essays disputing immgration and an having no luck. Please help!!

A. First is if they should be allowed to cross freely. Should we have patrol on the borders to check and find out why they are here.

Second is how hard should it be to enter our country or become a citizen. Should we be able to allow anyone to become a citizen or make it harder with less people becoming citizens?

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