Q: Is there a Starbucks Baristra that can give me any drink recipes? I really don’t care which ones, I just bought a espresso machine and was wondering if there is any recipes i can get.

A. Most of the recipes from starbucks weren’t invented by starbucks like the basic lattes and cappuccinos. Mochas and other drinks with syrups are just lattes with syrup, so if you want to make all of the espresso drinks that starbucks makes, just buy some syrups from starbucks or there are also other places to acquire them because starbucks isn’t the only place out there that makes espresso drinks…
How do you let the Starbucks employees know you get certain things free with your Starbucks app?
Q: I have the Starbucks app on my iPhone and once you get 5 stars, you get select syrups and milk on the house. But I feel like it’s just a lot of extra work to explain that you get certain stuff free. How do you tell them what you get free and when should you tell them? Or do you not even need to show them the stars on your phone because your card automatically knows to discount?

A. Ask the manager at your local Starbucks store what their store policy is for this, and ask him or her the best way for you to approach the topic when you come in to buy a drink.
How many hours does Starbucks offer and what benefits do they have?
Q: I applied at Starbucks on the application it ask if I can work 30 to 40 hours a week. However I hear that Starbucks only does part time, is this true? I really need full time hours or almost full time like 35 to almost 40 hours, the more the better. Also do they get tips, and what are the benefits. I hear they get free drinks and coffee. Do they also get free food, like the sandwiches they make, and brownies? I like their sandwiches.

A. I’m not sure if its this way for all starbucks, but we had to fire a couple of people because they weren’t working at least 20 hours every week… that’s the minimum. So if you want to work 30 hours a week then that’s awesome.

We do get tips. They get divided up between the partners. It depends on how many hours you work in that week for how much money you get. If you work the minimum amount of hours a week, you qualify for full health, dental, and vision insurance. It’s pretty good coverage, I have it myself and I only pay $53 dollars every paycheck. ($106 a month)

As for the free drinks: You can make as many drinks for yourself as you want as long as you’re on the clock, also 30 minutes before and after your shift. Those are what we call partner beverages. When you’re not working you get a 30% discount on drinks and retail items. Once a week you get a partner markout which is a 1lb bag of coffee or 1 box of tea to take home for free. We don’t get free food, but with your 30% discount it isn’t really that expensive.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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