Q: I’m a high school junior going into my senior year and I’m looking for a place to work. I’m considering putting an application in to Walmart (mainly because I know someone in high position of management who can get me in, she works in the national headquarters.) so, for a 16 year old, is Walmart a good part-time job? I’m thinking I would like to work either as a cashier or in the electronics department.

A. Walmart = minimum wage and no benefits.
So ya Walmart sucks.
How do I get a job with my local Walmart store?
Q: I’ve been applying there for the past years, they never contact me ever, but every time I’m at Walmart, there are always new faces.

What should I do? Any advice, thoughts, etc…
If anyone or those who works for Walmart can help me out please!

A. First of all, you apply at their job application kiosk-usually located around the old layaway/now-known-as site-to-store area or up in front of the store by the courtesy desk. There is a section where you will be tested on your opinions and handling of situations where you can rate things usually between 1-5 or 1-10. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing the middle-ground numbers…it shows you are indecisive. All employers want people who have an opinion and are motivated to take action so choose on the extremes-either as low or high as the answer will let you according to your opinion.

When you fill out your work history it is important to not have any gaps which could mean you quit for no good reason to do nothing with your time or that you have something to hide. I believe they have an area where you can type in an explanation for such gaps-have good reasons. They ask you to check what areas of the store you’d like to work in so choose them all if possible to show you are open and available for anything. If asked how many hours you’d like to work enter at least something like 16 or more. Anything less makes you a worthless effort for them to train and doesn’t show you really want to work. They will ask for your availability/ hours you are available to work during the week. The more open your schedule is, the better candidate you are to be interviewed. Remember, this is retail so most of the time they need people is week nights and any time during the weekends. If you say you only want to work 9-5 during the week, you’re wasting your time and theirs. Remember, any employer wants you to be available and flexible. If you don’t show many of these traits you better move on and apply somewhere else.

I used to manage for a chain (and for Walmart for a few years) and always found it laughable what some people would fill out on their applications. Folks that would say they were only available to work for example 6am-9am plus 5pm-7pm each day or say "can’t work any weekends / prefer only day shifts during the week"-these were some of the most laughable excuses for applications. These were the ones I’d file away in a heartbeat and never look at again. Once you are in such a position, you’ll understand the reason. Take my word-show flexibility.

How old do you have to be to work at Walmart in the state of Pennsylvania?
Q: I am going to be 14 in a week and was wondering how old you have to be to get a job at walmart or like any stores in the state of PA?

A. You can in 2 years… but… its going to be tough. A lot of people are looking for jobs and being a 16 year old employee comes with a lot of restrictions, at least at Walmart it does. You can’t run the baler until you are 18. You can’t run the trash compacter until you are 18. You can’t run any of the maintenance equipment until you are 18. You could stock shelves… but literally anyone can do that. If there is one position open and its a 16 year old and an 18 year old applying for it, I can tell you which one is going to get the job. The guy who’s 18.

That being said, there are a lot of opportunities for teenagers to work… just maybe not as much in retail. Fast food is a common industry.

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