2nd Interview With Dollar Tree

How Should I Be Filing My Taxes As An Independent Contractor Or Employee?

Q: Im a makeup artist/ hair stylist for a company and I work off commission so for everything I make the owner makes 30% off of me. She books everything and then sends me on location to do it. She doesn’t take my taxes out of the 30% so

When Was MAC Estabtablished?

Q: A. MAC stands for Make-Up Art Cosmetics 1984: M·A·C founded in Toronto, Canada by makeup artist Frank Toskan and business partner, Frank Angelo, as a makeup for professionals. M·A·C’s mantra: "All Races, All Sexes, All Ages" conceived to embrace all consumers. First M·A·C retail location opens in Toronto

How Do I Get A Federal Firearms Liscense?

Q: I would like to buy a 91/30 Mosin Nagant yet it said I have to obtain a FFL to buy the weapon? I am using this rifle for personal use not to redistribute, do I require a license to buy the rifle? A. This article is from the