Career Development Plan Ideas

Psychology Career With The Highest Salary?

Q: I’m interested in psychology, and I’m in an undergrad program at Cornell University’s human development department. I plan on going to grad school to get a phD, but i’m not sure what I plan on doing for my career. I want to have a job I enjoy, but

What Is Some Career Advancement Opprotunities For Some Oen With Home Health Care Experience?

Q: I have been an attendant to a handy cappped 14 year old, all i had to do to get hired is get first aid and cpr certified. i’m wanting to go back to school to get trained to do something to make more money, what are some carreers,

Do You Think Becoming A Equine Massage Therapist Is A Great Idea?

Q: Well, i really want to become a Equine Massage Therapist, does anyone on here have knowlage of this career, and how much schooling you would need and how high your grades should sit at. Thanks!It would be like rehabilitating them, having those horse water tredmills and all that

How Can I Freelance For Newspapers/magazines?

Q: I’m a Canadian living in Hong Kong. I’ve spent several years working in the region as an economics/market researcher and have written articles for newsletters published by my former company. I recently completed a part-time Master’s in Journalism, hoping to become a business journalist. However, the opportunities out

How Does One Get An Internship At Highgrove?

Q: I am trying to work my way up into a career as a landscape designer/architect. In the meantime I need to learn more about plants and have been quite an avid fan of Prince Charles gardening methods and ideas. I would love to be able to get an

Would A Duel Rate Income Tax Not Be The Fairest System Of All?

Q: Lets say people who make $30,000 and under pay nothing but receive no earned income tax credit. For people who make over $30,000 the rate would be 20%. Allow for family, medical and educational deductions only. A person making $50,000 a year after deductions would pay $10,000 and

What Sort Of Like Does My Mentally Challenged Grandsonandson Have?

Q: I have a grandson who is 17 now. He’s a junior in high school and he’s doing well. He is mentally challenged but let me go a little further into detail. He knows right from wrong and he is not one of those kids that needs a helmet.

Who Would Like To Help Me To Check And Improve My Composition?

Q: Who would like to help me to check and improve my composition?As soon as possible, I need it in 4 hours! mean you need visit my blog to check my essay, especially the colocation. A. I was born on June 30, 1978 into a workerâs family. My parents

High School Classes To Take To Become A Teacher?

Q: What are two classes I should take in high school if later in life I want to become an English teacher? And how do you think taking those subjects in fact would help prepare me to become one? A. It really does not matter until you finish high

What Technical, Transferable And Personal Skills Does A Elementary School Teacher Need?

Q: What are the specialized skills for this job? Why does he or she need these skills? Explain how these skills are used in this profession. A. Hi Sagana, Imagine for a moment that you have no transferable skills and you are seeking gainful employment. To employ you would

What Do Architects Do And What Kind Of Degree Do They Need? What Is The Average Salary?

Q: My brother loves designing homes on CAD programs and other software. He has a bachelors degree in an unrelated field. What kind of Masters degree should he look into? What schools specialize in it? Do they typically work from home or an office? How much do they make,

Please Revise My Essay.?

Q: prompt: In 500 words or less, please describe how you plan to help fulfill the needs of your community after you’ve completed your education. Thanks in advance for your constructive criticism and taking the time to revise my essay. I care deeply about my community, I always believed

What Class Should I Take?

Q: Okay. I really don’t know which class to take. It’s so overwhelming. This is for my schedule for 10th grade and up. I have advanced debate, advanced debate II, and advanced debate III. My mom really wants me to be in debate, but I only want to take