Do I Need A License To Just Paint Nails

Do I Need A Nail Tech License To Just Paint Nails For Friends And Family?

Q: Do I need a nail tech license to just paint nails for friends and family? I do not want to do manicures and pedicures. It would only be painting nails, no cuticle work or anything like that. A. No unless they’re actually paying you to do it? What

What Can You Do With A High School Diploma?

Q: Hi, I was just wondering what someone can do with a high school diploma. I know university is the way to go but I was just wasting my time, I failed. Therefore, with that said I was wondering what jobs I could actually get with a high school

What Can Get Spray Paint Off My Truck And Mobile Home?

Q: I woke up this morning looked outside and my truck and trailer had been spray painted overnight! I was able to scratch some of it off my hood with my fingernails but you could still see the outline, and I wasn’t that lucky with the sides of my

What Does It Mean That I Keep Picking My Skin?

Q: Instead of picking my nails, I’ve now started to pick the skin off my fingers around the nails and on my toes. I seem to always be picking, Popping zits, blackheads, and anytime I have my nails painted, I pick off the polish! I hate that I have

How To Cover Up Wall Paint Smell And Get It Out Of Carpet?

Q: We were messing around while our parents werent home and some how we broke a huge hole in the wall. I filled it with that paste stuff and then painted over it. But then paint got all over the carpet because the dog knocked over the paint can!

I’m Trying To Open A Nail Shop In Georgia.can I Use California’s Cosmetology License In Geogia?? ?

Q: i’m trying to open a nail shop in Georgia.can i use California’s Cosmetology License iGeorgiaia?? A. No you have to take another test in GA. So much for freedom to live the America dream hu? And when you go to do that write your house rep, senator etc….and

Is A License Required To Paint Nails For Friends?

Q: I’m a cosmetology student but haven’t even started the nail tech portion yet, I paint my own nails with detailed nail art, & a lot of friends & acquaintances ask me all the time if I would paint theirs for money, I wouldn’t be doing acrylic or anything

How To Deal With A Power Hungry, Nitpicking Boss?

Q: So I have been employed at my job for a little over 3 months. One of my colleagues was recently promoted to Duty Manager. Think of a Duty Manager as a shift supervisor. Let’s call this person Kerry. The easiest way to describe "Kerry" is that she is

Truck Drivers….i Have A Question? ?

Q: Truck drivers….i have a question?I am in my early 40′s and need a new job. I hear truck drivers are in demand.. How much do you make per week starting out? And is it as easy as they say to get into truck driving? Is t easy to

How To Start My Paper On Why I Chose Cosmetology As My Career?

Q: I have to do a 500 word paper on why I chose cosmetology as my career for cosmetology class. How should I start it off? and what things should I include in the paper? A. i started cosmetology school today…i had to write an essay too…i just started

Would I Be Able To Start A Nail Business?

Q: I want to start a nail painting business (not really a business, but just paint nails for money). I’m 15 and I don’t have a license, but I’m not looking to do it as a job, just maybe people in the neighborhood who want their nails painted or

What Should I Get My Best Friend For Christmas?

Q: My best friend is not really the girly-girl type. She is a farm girl who loves horses. She is 16 years old, just getting her license. She runs track and cross country. She does not wear make-up and doesn’t have her ears pierced. I have gotten her clothes

How Much Are The Manicure Items Sold For? Where Can I Buy The Stuff?

Q: I am very interested in doing nails. I am very good at painting nails, Now I was wondering if there was a way to buy the powder to make actual fake nails or however you call them. Thank you.Sorry this is quite confusing. But the stuff they use