How Long Does Money Stay In Western Union

When Someone Sends You Money With Western Union, How Long Does It Stay Available?

Q: Such as if it is sent on a Saturday, will it still be there Monday? A. its available until you collect it, as its your money! How long does a transaction stay pending on paypal? Q: Hey, I am in a bit of a situation… I am trying

How Long Does It For Money To Deliver In Japan From Alaska?

Q: My mom is sending $50 to Japan from Alaska. I’m only staying here for about another month and a half. How long does it take for that much money to get here? A. If she is mailing it, then about a week, if she uses Western Union in

Accidently Threw Out My Credit Card, How To Get Money In Thailand?

Q: Is western union the best option. I am travelling around the country and not staying that long in anyone place. A. Open an account at a Bank, best K-bank or Bangkok Bank. Have friends or family do an international wire transfer to your account It will cost you

How Long Does A Western Union MCTN Number Stay Good For?

Q: I live in london and my dad is sending me money from another country, how long do i have to pick it up? i dont have my passport coz my mother being irresponsible and not telling me – she sent it off with tax papers.. and my dad

Need To Interview Someone Of An Older Generation. Please Help.?

Q: Hello, I need someone of an older generation, preferably two generations older, to answer some questions. (I am 14.) It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare a few minutes of your time to help me. I desperately need to pass this course. Please state where you

Is There A Way To Find Out If A Logistics Company Is Phony?

Q: A company sent me an email stating that they received my CV (resume). It seemed a little shady to me because they stated that packages would come to my house (jewelry, electronics etc…)I would ship them overseas. Almost sounds like a Nigerian scam. I went online to see

How Much Cash Should I Bring For My Vacation In Cuba?

Q: I’m going to Cuba for 7days and I am staying at an all inclusive resort. How much money do you think I should bring, assuming that I’m going to take cabs to move around and maybe do a little bit of shopping…? A. $500-600 is plenty and more

Any Reconstructive Surgery, Implants, Genetic Treatments, For Male Dry Orgasm Caused By Surgery?

Q: preface: sorry for all the negative commentary here about my urologist. But there are many men with the same depressing experience with post non cancerous prostate removal. Just search t.u.r.p. retrograde ejaculation and you will find most men feel like i do: angry and depressed and rightly so.

How To Start Acting In Australia, Sixteen Year Old Just Interested And Wondered How You Get Into Acting?

Q: Just always wondered how australians get into movies and tv shows. A. Becoming an actor in Australia is a challenging task that requires relentless determination, professional training without the promise of success and a strong resilience to face the inevitable and constant rejection. Consider why you want to