How To Change Yahoo Mail From Basic To Full Feature

My Classic Mail Was Recently Changed To Yahoo Mail. Why Is It SO Slow And Sometimes Unresponsive?

Q: Why is it SO slow, and often completely unresponsive? A. It is your computer or internet connection. You may have to go to "basic". "Classic" mail is now gone. It has been replaced with 2 new versions, "full featured" or "basic". If you are having problems with the

How Do I Get This New Yahoo Mail To Stay In Basic Mode (keeps Switching Back To Full Featured)?

Q: I frequently am limited to a relatively slow dial up connection which does not work well with the new yahoo particularly in Full Featured mode. I have repeatedly clicked on the cog (tools) icon at the upper right of the in box page and selected ‘mail options’ in

Compressing Jpegs For Email?

Q: Hi all, I have about 25 pictures to email a friend to upload to a website, each image is around 2mb. I have put them all into a folder on my desktop and i want to compress the folder to email to my friend so that when he

How Does One Recover The Original Yahoo Mail Account Format Presentation?

Q: How does one recover the original yahoo Mail account format presentation? A. Can’t recover something that has gone the way of the DoDo bird.————————–Yahoo! Mail » Mail Help » Article Do I have to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail? "Beginning July 9, 2013, you can only access

Can I Get My Mail With A Classic Browser?

Q: I wish to keep my classic browser to view my mail.So how do I get my mail without an up date? A. Everyone who is using Classic Mail is being switched to the new regular version. Once you switch you can not go back. You may find some

How Can I Return To My Yahoo Classic Mail Which Was Was (somehow) Upgraded Yesterday To A Newest Version?

Q: Yesterday, when I was using my Yahoo Email, it suddenly changed to a newest version without any notice. I tried to return to the Yahoo Classic Mail version, but I failed to do so!!.I could not also find my Notepad in the new version and I don’t want

How Can I Change Back To The Old Yahoo Page To Stay For Ever?

Q: Yes I know there is a way that this can be done before I go on let me explain there is no botton down at the end of the page that will let me switch back,but I do have the old page yahoo with the mail and answer

My Email Format Was Changed Without My Approval So How Do I Go Back To Classic Yahoo Mail?

Q: I did not change it by accident. I logged on to my mail and found it change over the past 2-3 days. I have been looking for a way to change it back to classic and haven’t found a way. A. Yahoo is moving everyone using Yahoo Classic

How Do I Change Back To Classic Mail?

Q: I do not like the newer yahoo mail. I don’t like the format and I especially don’t like the advertisement on the sides, particularly the left side. I want to return to the old Classic version. A. Not possible anymore, sorry – older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including

How Do I Change Back To Yahoo Mail Basic?

Q: My Yahoo Mail has changed and does not serve my purposes like the former Mail Basic. Where do I find a setting to return to Mail Classic???? A. Hello there, There is no setting in your email. The easiest is #1 if that works for you, but listing

How To Skip The “new Yahoo” Mail And Keep The Classic?

Q: Last time they changed it I reduced the screen resolution so the new one wouldn’t work and then restored it so I still have the classic. Now they want to change it again and I assume I will not like it. Now they’re nagging us to upgrade to

In New Yahoo Mail My Notepad Tab Is Gone And The Mailing Addresses In My Contacts Are Gone. Where Are They?

Q: I saved all my mailing addresses in the Contacts tab, and lots of info in my Notepad, and now everything is gone. Is there any way to recover it? I wasn’t even warned about this before switching to the new Yahoo mail and I’m mad. A. Overview of

How Do I Get Back To My Old Yahoo Home Page?

Q: Yahoo gave me a new home page that I think is horrible. How do I get back the old one? A. Yahoo is moving everyone using Yahoo Classic to the new Yahoo Mail. The new features include an ad bar at the bottom of the page and a

The New Yahoo Mail Won’t Allow Me To Change Line Spacing To Single?

Q: I need to type BUSINESS letters. I don’t need little "paper airplanes" to send my mile, stupid emoticons, or any of the new crap I am forced to use in the new mail. What I need is to be able to choose how I space lines, and other

Why Do I Get Random Chat Bubbles Everytime I Sign Into Yahoo Mail?

Q: Every time I sign into yahoo mail I get about 10 chat bubbles appear as though I’m half way through a conversation with people. I don’t know who they are and they’re not in my contacts. I have tried changing my password but that hasn’t stopped it. Any