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Is There A Difference Between A Navy Nurse And A Navy Corpsman?

Q: I’ve always wondered… and i want to know how these two vary because I will join the Navy one day, and i need to have a plan of which I’m probably going to be/do. Thanks. A. In the Navy, they’re not called "medic", the term is Corpsman. It

Need Some Information On The Army To Impress My Officer In My Interview?

Q: Im joining qaranc as a health care assistant, ive past selection and i’m waiting for an interview with my army officer, can anyone give me some information about the army too impress my officer, about why were in war with afghanistan (i know that its because were fighting

What Are The Qualifications To Joining MARSOC?

Q: I am a junior in high school and I want to join MARSOC. I have been training intensely for the past couple of years and have always wanted to join this special task group. I do understand that a recruit has to get a first class in the

Can Someone Give Me A List Of Army Jargon And Phrases And Thier Definitions?

Q: I was looking at a list of tips for people who want to survive boot camp and one of the tips said to uncover as much of thier language as possible. Please any jargon definitions are appreciated.thanks, but I need to know what "straighten or fix your snake

I Just Colored My Severly Damaged Bleached Hair Brown About A Week Ago Wanting To Go Blonde?

Q: My hair was soooo damaged – not the point where it was breaking off but just very very dry and a lot of split ends. I colored my bleach blonde hair (the bottom wasn’t as light as the top because it was dark brown and I only bleached

What Are Some Great Careers Working With Kids Other Than A Teacher?

Q: Im a freshman in hs and have been thinking about my future a lot recently, i play football & am really good so i can get a scholarship, i want to do something to help inspire or protect children, i would try being a teacher but teachers make

I Have A Question My Boyfriend, Is Currently Enlisted In The Navy, Hisrecruiter Told Him?

Q: that the Navy and Army are the only branches that secure the job before you go to bootcamp and know what your job will be, is that true. I am thinking about joining the Coast Guard, so I would like toknow!Another thing is my boyfriend is thinking about

How Do You Make A Lot Of Money Fast When You Are 15?

Q: Alright so I only have 120 dollars, that is nothing. All of a sudden I have so many expenses to worry about. I have to have at least $100 every time I take my girlfriend out (theatre tickets, restaraunt bill, coffee, frozen yogurt, bowling/arcade, other activities, necklaces/gifts.) ,

Military, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice ???(HELP)?

Q: My question is regarding a wise career move. Im currently in the military, about to get out. I’ll have four years active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps (infantry/sniper). I also plan on having a associates in criminal justice. I want to move back home with my wife

What Steps Should I Take To Be A Naval Aviator?

Q: I’m currently in the DEP (Delayed entry program) and enlisted in the PACT Airman program. One day I’d like to be a Naval Aviator. I do wear glasses but my vision isn’t too bad and i know some eye surgeries are acceptable. I also know you need a