Job Corps Rules

How Long Does It Takes To Get Into Job Corps?

Q: I was wondering how long will it take me to get into job corps if I am accepted. Somebody said it depends on the trade and I want my trade to me computer technician and I live within the Philadelphia region. I ‘m hoping within like 3 months

What Are Some Good Engineering Jobs Offered By Either The Army Or Air National Guard?

Q: Im an air force rotc cadet studying mechanical engineering and im going to enlist in either the army or air national guard. ive looked into the corps of engineers but it seems like it is mostly civil waterway work and they will most likely make me a constryction

Is There A Website Out There That Has A Detailed Job Description For Law Enforcement!?

Q: I have been really looking in to law enforcement for my future career.But the fucking problem is I have not been able to find detailed descriptions any where for careers in law enforcement.So if there are websites would you please give me a link! A. There are many

I Just Colored My Severly Damaged Bleached Hair Brown About A Week Ago Wanting To Go Blonde?

Q: My hair was soooo damaged – not the point where it was breaking off but just very very dry and a lot of split ends. I colored my bleach blonde hair (the bottom wasn’t as light as the top because it was dark brown and I only bleached

Is There A Way To Find Out If A Logistics Company Is Phony?

Q: A company sent me an email stating that they received my CV (resume). It seemed a little shady to me because they stated that packages would come to my house (jewelry, electronics etc…)I would ship them overseas. Almost sounds like a Nigerian scam. I went online to see

What Is Life Like For Female Marines?

Q: I want to join the Marine Corps after HS. But I was wondering what is life like for women in the corps. I heard women Marines are either butch or a lesbian, I of which are none of them. I am a normal girl who is girly but

What Help Can My Fiancee Give In Getting My Fiancee Visa?

Q: A. K1 visa РFianc̩/e of an American Citizen In order to be issued a K1 visa, your American citizen fianc̩/e must file a petition for you with the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services (formerly INS). This is done using form I-129F. Form I-129F can be

What Is The Current Australian Immigration Act/a Basic Overveiw!?

Q: I am a 14 year old doing a project on Australian federation! I need a simple site, or just information on australia’s current immigration policy/australias’ attitudes towards foreingers! I would really appreciate any help i could get! I need to compare 1901 immigration act to current multiculturalism! Please

How Do You Make A Lot Of Money Fast When You Are 15?

Q: Alright so I only have 120 dollars, that is nothing. All of a sudden I have so many expenses to worry about. I have to have at least $100 every time I take my girlfriend out (theatre tickets, restaraunt bill, coffee, frozen yogurt, bowling/arcade, other activities, necklaces/gifts.) ,

Should I Get Out Of The Navy Or Stay In?

Q: I have beeen in the Navy for 5 Years this July. Im a Hospital Corpsman (like a LPN/LVN). I have been to Iraq twice and served with the Marines. I enjoy my job at times but feel I have lost alot of my freedoms. Im gay so I