Transition From Retail Management

What Is The Best Job To Transition To From Retail Management?

Q: I’m burned out on retail and want to switch to another career. A. You could try banking or sales. If you’ve been a manager you might be able to work as a loan officer in a bank, I think they make pretty good money and have opportunities for

How Do I Transition Back To Retail Management After Spending 9 Months As A Receptionist?

Q: I was a retail Loss prevention manager for almost 3 years. I then moved and stupidly got a job as a receptionist. I want to go back to retail but I am not sure how to explain the dramatic job difference in responsibilities and show that I am

What Is The Best Way To Recruit People For Seasonal Retail Management Positions?

Q: I am new to the recruiting game and I would welcome advice on recruiting and building a good pipeline in general. The company that I work for has several seasonal contracts and these are some of our biggest clients. I have done tons of postings on the general

What Is The Employment Rate Of A Supply Chain Management Degree?

Q: How difficult is it to get a job with a supply chain management degree. If you have any information could you also compare that with other career field’s rate of employment? A. Supply chain management graduates have a large variety of different careers, such as Purchasing Managers,Procurement Clerks,Wholesale

How Can My Husband Get Out Of Retail Management?

Q: He’s been in retail management for 11 years. The schedule worked fine until our kids started school. I send out resume after resume to jobs with a 9-5 schedule but get no takers. Any advice on transitioning to a normal scheduled career? A. I’d focus on the resumes.

Career Change? I Have Been In Retail For Over 7 Years, I Am Currently A Store Manager?

Q: but I know i would like to get experience in Bridal, I would love to learn about the industry, and purse a career in Bridal as a Bridal Store Manager. Based off my experience what is the best route to start to become a Manager. I am willing

What Is A Good Job For A LONG TIME Retail Manager Who Doesn’t Want To Be In Retail Anymore?

Q: I am in sort of a "catch-22". I am getting older, I am recently married, looking to start a family, and I am looking for a more stable pay structure and hours. I am MORE THAN QUALIFIED for just about any retail job out there, but I’d really

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teaching And Retail Management?

Q: I’m torn between two professions, one is teaching the second is retail management. I will be earning my bachelors degree in Psychology at the end of this year, so I am looking foward to starting my career in either of these professions. Can you tell me the advantages

Can You Offer Any Resume Advice That Will Help Me Grab An Employers Attention For A Sales Position?

Q: I have spent over 15 years working in customer service. All of working experience has been in retail sales and support. Over the past 8 yeas I have been working in Technical Support, IT Support and Network Support. All I know these days is how to work with

Should I Get My MBA? I Am A Teacher Thinking About A Career Change In The Future?

Q: I am a graduate of the University of Georgia with a BFA in Art Education. I am currently teaching and I have experience in a variety of art techniques including graphic design, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, and more. I was considering a move into business (perhaps art related

I Want To No Position Names At Dollar Tree?

Q: A. In-Store Positions (Existing Locations) Working inside a Dollar Tree store below the management level requires a friendly personality and great customer service skills. You will be required to run the cash registers as needed while filling the rest of your time stocking items on the store shelves.

Can Someone Simply Explain To Me What A CSR Is?

Q: I googled it and looked at some websites but it seems so complicated. I didnt really get it. Can you explain it to me with simple words!?Thanks in advance. A. CSR is an acronym which stands for Customer Service Representative. One example of CSR would be the folks

How Does One Achieve In Making Six Figures A Year?

Q: One of my goals in life is to achieve in making six figures a year. I currently make $42,000 a year and I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I’m a newly wed man who’s been married for 6 months. I now have a baby on the