What Prompt You To Select Dollar Tree As A Potential Employer

OK I’m Applying Fro A Job And There Is Question?

Q: What prompted you to select dollar tree as a potential employer? What should i write there? A. Close to home? Enjoy working and helping customers? Frequent shopper at your store and am familiar with your merchandise? Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Good Answer For This Job Question In App?

Q: Im a high school student with no job experience.A need a good answer to this question at job app "What prompted you to select Dollar Tree as a potential employer" A. lmao.try…"I can’t aim any higher and no where else would take me for lack of experience." Powered

What Prompted You To Select Dollar Tree As A Potential Employer?

Q: A. A crossroad. Big Mc. has just shut the door. Powered by Yahoo! Answers

What To Say On A Job Application?

Q: The question is What prompted you to select this store as a potential employer?? the store is dollar tree, and its my first job… A. Just put down that this would be your first job and that you were interested in working with them because you want to

Can You Answer This This Question For A Job Application ?

Q: The question asks " what prompted you to select dollar tree as a potential employer " What will be the best respons to give? (and for someone who has a few years in retail) A. Don’t choose the b!sh at the bottom she comes with a stupid answer

How Do I Fill Out This Part Of The Application?

Q: This is my first time having a job and ive applied in a few places except they were online. Now i have an application for somewhere else. how do i answer these questions::1)expected rate of pay2)what prompted you to select dollar tree as a potential employer?3)special training or

How Do I Answer This Question On My Job Application?

Q: It says "What prompted you to select us as a potential employer?" What am I supposed to put!? Im obviously not going to put "I need a job" lol please help, its my first time applying for a job. Also, should I provide a resume? A. tell the

What Are Some Skills To Put On An Application For Applying To Be A Cashier?

Q: I’m applying to be a cashier at Party City. What are some "Special Technical Skills" I can put down for that? If you could just make a list of generic skills to put on an application it would be super helpful too. Thankyou. A. You could write down

What Job Skills Would I List For A Cashier Job?

Q: im a student looking for a part time job, the application asks what special skills/certifications/degrees I have that would qualify me for a job. Ive never worked as a cashier before, so i cant say i know how to operate a cash register, and i can only speak