Q: I recently applied for a job online that used the word incumbent in the job description " The incumbent performs various narrative and tabular typing…" I am not clear on the meaning of the word used in this context. Does it mean that the position is only open to employees currently working for this employer, or does it have another meaning?

A. The ape guy, Veruccio is right it means the person who is in the position and usually refers to the duties/responsibilities of the person who gets the position.
Under job description what does this mean?
Q: Under postsecondary requirements for professors, under the job description they post "Enables student exit competencies" as a requirement. What does that mean?

A. In the job description that you have the phrase "enables student exit competencies" is listed under the duties for the professor. That is one of the listed duties of the person who is chosen for the position at that particular college or university.

It means that the syllabi and the teaching done by the newly hired professor should have one focus on teaching to and testing for the competencies approved at that college or university. It could be a minor or a major thrust for that institution. It would be up to the newly hired professor to determine how important it is. Good luck.

What does PTSI mean in a job description?
Q: I saw PTSI in a job description then after that they gave a phone number to call but i don’t know what PTSI means.

A. It has several meanings depending upon the job. What is the job??

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