Q: I need more of a 9-5 job and I can’t get that in retail. I have 15 years of retail management experience. How can I take my organizational and personnel skills into an office setting? What is the best position to apply for than entry level office clerk?

A. I did exactly this–except I had only ten years of the retail management. I actually started out in the offices of a retail organization. It is a tough ladder to climb, but can be done. I went out of my way to teach myself the latest programs, methods,etc to familiarize myself with these things. Reason being…even if I only used a little on that first job, it was something I could add to my resume. Since then, and ten years later…my niche is in marketing now. Getting the admin job is no longer a problem and I can target where I can go.

The bad news is you will probably have to take a pay cut to start out. I did, but I still don’t regret it. The tradeoff is more time at home and a normal schedule. At the time, I travelled for my job and it was like heaven to be at home.

Good luck.

what is the best place to find scholarships for the over 40 years individual?
Q: Currently in retail management trying to make a career change.

A. I think the best bet is to look at multiple scholarship search engines. You can get good results specific to your unique eligibility, and you should be able to find it for free.

Otherwise, the information is spread out in dozens if not hundreds of places. These sorts of online search engines can be a great starting point and it will at least give you some ideas of who is offering money.

What kind of jobs are not very stressful?
Q: I am a hard worker, but I have a very physically and emotionally draining job in retail management. I run around like crazy and answer to really rude customers all day. I try my best to stay positive, but its taking a toll on me to where I have had health issues due to stress. My employer is not very sympathetic and keeps putting more demands on us. I would like to make a career change and wanted to know what kind of jobs are low in stress? Would love to hear from people who love or at least like their job

A. I found the best jobs I ever had was working at sea….It’s a completely different way of working. I began that job by being sent out to SIngapore, then Malaysia, then sailed a ship back across the Indian ocean, to Egypt. Then it involved bringing a ship through the Suez canal, to Gibraltar, and then home. Talk about not stressful..? :-p (Plus I got my entire tax back for that year, as I was out of it more than I was in it. a nice 5k bonus)…Just a thought, with your skill-set, you could easily get inboard (after gaining afew mandatory tickets) as a Purser.

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