A. You mean their offices? Or where it is being recorded or broadcasted live?

I know two companies which are in RCBC plaza. They have their administration offices there and also their production areas wherein the pretty girls plays the Casino for the online internet betting. But I heard not everybody is allowed to see the production floor.

Staying in manila for 3 nights?
Q: What are some things i must do around that area philippines?

A. That will depend on tour interests, on your preferences.

Things that might interest you:

1. Walking tour around the historic walled city of Intramuros, with an extremely popular tour guide, David Celdran
2. Visiting what was once the largest mall (now only second largest) but still the most popular, the MALL OF ASIA. Interesting to have a drink or a meal in one of the many restaurants that give you a view of Manila Bay. Or ride their famous "Eye" ferris wheel.
3. Visit Greenbelt at the Makati Central Business District. It feels like a different part of the Philippines. Almost like you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Very cosmopolitan.
4 Go to Bonifacio Global City, the most modern section of the whole country. It is a planned city and the only place in the Philippines where electrical cables are underground.
5. We also have a Chinatown, just in case that will interest you.
Go to the National Museum, or the modern Ayala Museum.
6. If you want nightlife, there is a rowdy red-light district called Burgos in Makati. And a high-end club scene at The Fort or at Republiq at Resort World Manila
7. If you want gaming, there is Casino Filipino in many hotels, plus Resort World, and the recently opened Solaire.
8. If you want to immerse yourself in local culture, walk around streets in typical neighborhoods. Soak in the ambience.

A good online reference is Click The City for info on movies, dining, tv, events etc. Check out this link:


Best Place to Live in the Philippines(detailed)?
Q: I have seen several people asking the same question and based off the responses I have a list of over 20 cities that are all nice. So I would like to narrow down my list by giving specific details about me and what I am looking for.

Financially I make just over 10k USD a month, and based off the info I have gathered that should be enough for what I am looking for.

First and foremost, I do all my business online, so the most important thing for me will be use of the internet and high speed internet. I am going to need a strong internet connection that never goes out. Here in the states I have two different internet connections, due to the nature of my business. I am also aware of the blackouts, so buying a generator should solve that issue.

Second, I am young and enjoy the nightlife. I will be spending my nights out and about majority of the time. So being close to a city will be important (Within 1 hour driving commute). I am aware of the traffic conditions over there and will have a live-in chauffeur, that is why the commutes will not be an issue with me, afaik. So nice Clubs, Bars, Theaters, Restaurants, Casino with a nice poker room, and big mall would be nice(not really nightlife though).

Third, beaches, I would be willing to commute up to an hour and a half for a very nice beach, of course it would be nice if I could get all of the above right off the beach.

Fourth, I am looking for a private golf club, that I could be a member of that would be within an hour commute. Again would be nice If I could find a place on the course right next to the beach.

The house type that I am looking for is, 4 BR+ 4 BTH+, 2 Car Garage+, 270 sq m+, separate maid and driver quarters. With a pool. In a guard gated area. I am not looking to be directly in the city, wouldn’t mind being in a more secluded area, some may say the suburbs.(might be a problem with internet).

Being within 2 hours of an airport would also be nice. I will be traveling a lot.

Everyone’s opinions and input will be greatly appreciated.

A. As a Start the Conversion rate form Dollar to Philippine pes0 is
$1.00= 47.66 as of Sept 28. 2009

Manila is like San Diego and new York Fused together. Going to Makati is like literally going to downtown San Diego Gaslamp.
As for your Beach request. There is NO beach in Manlia that has a golf area.
But we are boutiful of Golf clubs

From the descripon the only places i can think for you are the Following

1. BF Homes Paranaque this is a suburban area that is in the middle of Makati and Alabang.
Housing in BF Homes inside Paranaque city ( and this is where I live) can be affordable for your income. You can get a house for a minmum payment of $400 a month with the prospects that you are looking for. And the Houses are spacious.
Houses here range from P 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 pesos
thats from $80,000-127,000 you can buy a House in FULL
there are Two Golf areas nearby, Alabang Gold and Country being the nicests, and you are near Alabang and makati both nightlife destinations
Another area in Paranaque would be Sunvalley Subdivison, Merville and Moonwalk vllages ( these are gated Communities.)

the cons: traffic is a bit of an issue but one of the safer neighborhoods

2. Makati City
The Manhattan of Manila, Most people that lives in this area are the rich ones or Middle class families that were able to buy the land in the early 70 while it was cheap.
Bel Air Subdivision, White Forrest, Salcedo Village and San Miguel , all gated suburban communities literally doorsteps of the business districts, has houses from the P 3,000,000-10,000,000
if you are lucky, you can rent a house for $2,000 a month

3. Eastwood City Libis
The part and newest business sector in manila is now booming with condo houses for the posh.
Go to www.inquirer.net to just see the ads for the condo houses there
be ready to pay out P6,000,000 and up for this
but payment plans vary by broker.


Either if you are from Paranaque, Libis or Makati
you are 1.52 hours drive sometimes 45 mins from
1. Laguna Hot Springs
2. Nasugbu Batangas ( white sand beaches )

There is a Manila bay but not safe for swimming. Yatching YES

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