Q: Are you a hairstylist? What do you think of it? Does it pay well? Is it fun?

As for me…
I’m really creative. A business minded person, "self-starter" you could say, and I love people. I also want to move to either New York or Las Vegas (have lived in the suburbs of Chicago all my life and want to move on)…would this be a good description for a hairstylist? College is boring me half to death…should I just go to cosmetology school?

A. I’m not going to say this is you, but a lot of people who go into cosmetology consider it as being an "easy" way out of traditional school when in fact it is not. Cosmetology is very difficult, and depending on what state you live in, the requirements to become a Cosmetologist are different.

For example, here in WA you would have you to go to a licensed school such as Gene Juarez, Gary Manuel, Cascade Beauty College or a dozen others. I would reccomend checking out the Beauty Schools Directory for more information on that.

On a different note, really consider if this is something that you want to do! A talented stylist with an established clientel can make very good money. Some of the girls I know working in regular salons (not high end, but not Supercuts either) can pull in $200-$300 in tips on a good day. Plus they make their standard wages on top of that. Another thing to check out, is if your state pays regular wages to professions that accept tips. A lot of states, such as New York, allow people who make tips to be a given a lower wage.

Being a Cosmetologist is EXTREMELY taxing on your body. If you became one, you’d probably be fine for awhile but the repetitive motions and standing all day can cause serious problems for your body. Most stylists develop arthritis, nerve damage, and many other problems with their hands, arms, back, and legs. One of the things that kind of made me shy away from salon work was the manager I have at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply who had to have 5 surgeries in 14 years because her body couldn’t take it.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you smoke? Do you eat healthy? Do you drink/party a lot? Do you excercise regularly? Are you over/underweight? All of these things will effect the longevity of your career should you become a stylist.

If you love people, that’s great and I’m sure you’d be able to do a good job with your customers but really think about what you’re getting into because while cosmetology can be rewarding, it is a tough job.

Another thing to think about, is where you see yourself further down the road because being a stylist full time is not a career you should try to retire with. In order to be successful with this, you would really want to consider opening your own salon some day or working for a company where there is growth past working the floor for 40 hours a week.

Being a stylist is a very rewarding career. You meet lots of people, make good money, and you do something that is fun, artistic and one of the leading jobs in the beauty industry. Stylists are ALWAYS in demand, and you will always have a skill that will put cash in the bank. I wish you the best of luck with your decision. Oh yeah, and Las Vegas is an excellent place to be a stylist because that’s where most companies hold their hair shows and education. Tigi had their World Premier there just last month in Mandelay Bay.

Salons in Las Vegas for dyeing hair?
Q: Where is the best place for a person to get their hair dyed in las vegas with a reasonable price

A. Cosmetology Schools. They really do a great job. Most of them will be out in a Salon doing hair in few months time. They have licensed cosmetologist/instructors watching over them the entire time…And it’s alot cheaper then Salons. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&sll=37.135109%2C-76.457458&view=text&hl=en&gl=us&q=Cosmetology+Schools+in+Las+Vegas
Living in Pahrump NV. What’s it like? And good jobs? What’s the economy like there?
Q: My husband and I are considering moving to Las Vegas in the summer this year. But, in researching the housing, I came across some houses in Pahrump. And you definitely get more for your money. But, we also want to know other things about Pahrump. For instance, how is the economy there. Can you get good jobs? My husband is a licensed general contractor here where we live and has over 25+ years experience. I am a licensed Cosmetologist/Instructor and have 12+ years in that industry plus over 25+ years in customer service/office management as well. What are our chances of getting good paying jobs in Pahrump? Currently we aren’t even making $40K between us. Could we make more money? Is there a strong economy? Also, we are moving because of the cold weather we have here, we want to live where it’s sunny most of time and warm. And we want to get away from the religious undertones that we have here in relation to our work. It’s who you know everywhere. But, here it’s also where you worship.
This problem has effected raises, promotions and just the fact of aquiring employment in the first place.
Also, the pollution is terrible. It’s one of the worst areas in the nation for pollution. And we want to get to a cleaner enviornment.
Anyone who has lived in Pahrump or are currently living there, please give us an overall view.
Good or bad, we want to have to truth. No sugar coating, just facts.
Thanks to all in advance.

A. Its getting more expensive and has the "stigma" of having legal whore houses. I like the town myself

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